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 Renamed in 2018 from the Dallas Chapter of the Society of Pension Professionals
Contact: John E. Thompson, Jr., President – 214-577-0095

We begin In-Person meetings again: By attending you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. Please stay safe and take responsibility for yourself and others by getting vaccinated and wearing a mask when required. We meet at the Park City Club

11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at 5956 Sherry Lane on the 17th Floor

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We are back to In-Person meetings!



2022 Scheduled Meetings:

1/14/22 Virtual Meeting 2022 US & Texas Economic Outlook“, Dr. Pia Orrenius of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and Julia Coronado, Macro Policy Perspectives (NOTE: The Dallas Fed is not currently hosting live events so we will go virtual again this year.)
  3/08/22 MeetingThe Great Inflation Debate – Part1“, Mark Freeman, Socorro Asset Mgt; Gilbert Garcia, Garcia Hamilton Assoc; Nathan Shetty, Nuveen; and Derrick Dagnan, Fort Worth Employees’ Retirement Fund.
  4/19/22 Meeting
The Great Inflation Debate – Part2“, Derrick Dagnan, Fort Worth Employees’ Retirement Fund, Tim Bray, GuideStone Cap, Alex Ruehle, American Airlines, and Helge Rokenes, HighGround Advisors.
  6/21/22 Meeting “Board Communication, Interactions, and Best Practices – Part1″ Consultants share their insights:  John Thompson, President at DFW ii FORUM, Adam Strumpf, Consultant and Chief Compliance Officer at DeMarche, Alan Bergin, Consultant at Fund Evaluation Group, and Kevin Vandolder, Consultant at AndCo Consulting
  7/19/22 Meeting “Board Communication, Interactions, and Best Practices – Part2” Allocators discuss challenges
  9/__/22 Meeting “TBA”

10/__/22 Meeting “TBA”
11/8-9/22 2022 Summit, 27th Annual National Pension & Institutional Investment Summit 
12/__/22 MEETING “TBA”

2021 Meetings:

  1/15/21 VIRTUAL Special “2021 US & Texas Economic Outlook” Dr. Robert Dye (Comerica Bank) and Dr. Pia Orrenius (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)
  1/19/21 VIRTUAL
“How Digital Transformation is creating New Investment Opportunities in Small Cap”, Troy Renauld and Rob Forker, Polen Capital
  3/16/21 VIRTUAL Roundtable “Ensemble approach to Security Selection” roundtable with John Shanklin, Lee Schneider, and James Francis
  4/20/21 VIRTUAL Roundtable
“Infrastructure Investing; What a Global Pandemic has Taught us About the Asset Class”, Scott Freeman, LCG, Jenny Chan, Macquarie, Pradeep Killamsetty, Manulife
  6/15/21 VIRTUAL Roundtable Navigating Credit markets in a post-pandemic world“. Tim Bray, GuideStone; Blair Faulstich, Franklin Templeton; Richard Jander, Maranon; Justin Slatky, Shenkman. 
  7/20/21 VIRTUAL Roundtable 
Fallen Angels or Rising Stars – what to expect from High Yield during the ongoing economic recovery” Keith Berlin, FEG Advisors; Sonali Pier, PIMCO; Manuel Hayes, BNY Mellon.
  7/28/21 VIRTUAL Roundtable The Mechanics of Inflation Protection in Timber and Infrastructure” Stafford Capital Partners: Ashley Marlow, VP, Matthew McPhee, Partner Infrastructure, and Eric Rama, Principal Timberland

  8/11/21 VIRTUAL Roundtable Practical Application of Analyzing Asset Allocators Liabilities through Financial Risk Models“ Celeste Reese, Celanese Corp; David Phillips, Parametric ; James Gannon, Vanguard; Stas Meinikov, SAS
  8/17/21 VIRTUAL Roundtable Private equity investing in a covid recovery environment” Mark Andes, DeMarche; Meena Gandhi, JP Morgan; Ben Moe, Osceola Capital; Bryan Nelson, Pathway Capital
  9/21/21 MEETING “Global Macro as a True Portfolio Diversifier” Dori Levanoni, First Quadrant

10/19/21 VIRTUAL Roundtable “Global Macro Strategy” Jon Levy, Former Federal Reserve Strategist now at Loomis Sayles, and Moderator: Henry To, Director of Public Markets Investments at Texas Health Resources
11/10/21 2021 Summit, 26th Annual National Pension & Institutional Investment Summit, at HALL Arts Dallas, Curio Collection by Hilton.
       7:30 registration, 8:15 beginning, 3:35 ending reception 

12/14/21 MEETING “Holliday Special – Networking and 2022 Planning session”. bring your ideas and suggestions.

2020 Meetings:

1/17/20 2020 US & Texas Economic Outlook” Dr. Pia Orrenius, Federal Reserve Bank and Dr. Robert Dye, Comerica Bank
  1/21/20Growth Investing in the Age of Innovation”, Brian Foersterand Joe Graham, Investment Strategist, Lord Abbett
  3/04/20 “Non-Traditional Income
”, Nelly Xavier and Sam Weiss, Fiera Capital
  3/25/20 CANCELLED “In-depth review of the private markets in the industry”, Hamilton Lane
  4/21/20 CANCELLED
Opportunities in International Small Cap”, Victory Capital Management, Inc.
  6/03/20 VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR “Discuss what you are doing differently with your assets”

  6/16/20 VIRTUAL “Financial Distancing” A behavioral exploration of potential investment process flaws, Fred Speece, Speece Thorson Capital Group
  7/21/20 VIRTUAL 
“Why Stick with Value Investing?”, Wes Crill, Dimensional Fund Advisors
“CAGE Match – VALUE vs. Growth” Mark Giambrone vs. Hollie Briggs with John Pickett as Referee
  9/15/20 VIRTUAL “Why Bank Loans/High Yield Bonds Make Sense in the Current Market Environment”, Nick Losey and Chet Paipanandiker, Barrow Hanley
10/08/20 VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR “Rethinking the Value Premium and Exploring Innovation”, Lord Abbett
10/20/20 VIRTUAL
“State of Global Fixed Income markets”, David Wilson, Nuveen
11/10/20 VIRTUAL the 2020 Summit has been postponed, 26th Annual National Pension & Institutional Investment Summit
12/03/20 VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR “Convertible Bond Update- Equity-Like Returns with Less Risk“, David Hulme and Karen Richardson, Advent Capital
12/15/20 VIRTUAL “Private equity investing”, Christopher Philips, Vanguard
12/17/20 VIRTUAL Holiday Gathering 
“Texas & DFW Economic outlook, with forecast contest”, Chris Slijk, Research Economist at the Dallas Federal Reserve

2019 Meetings:

1/15/19 “The Compelling Case for Value”, Ryan Myers, Causeway Capital  (Revised)
“2019 State of the Economy & Outlook” Dr. Mine Yucel, Federal Reserve Bank and Dr. Robert Dye, Comerica Bank
“ESG for Skeptics – Can ESG Factors Really Benefit Your Portfolio?”, Dan Nielsen, Great Lakes Advisors
“Real Estate Betas and the Implications for Asset Allocation”, Shannon Morton and David Moore, Northern Trust
  6/18/19 “Rate, Curve & Credit Outlook, and Opportunities in the Current Markets”, Tim Paulson, Lord Abbett
“Institutional Crypto Investments”, Matt Hougan, Bitwise Asset Management
“Exploiting the Low Volatility Anomaly in Equity Markets” , Alex Pire, PM with Seeyond / Natixis
“Institutional Asset Allocation: Vital Changes Ahead”, Bryan Poston, Fidelity
11/5-6/19 the 2019 Summit, 25th Annual National Pension & Institutional Investment Summit
“Diving Deeper Into the EM Opportunity Set: Finding Fortune in the Forgotten”, Chuck Knudsen, T. Rowe Price

2018 Meetings:

1/16/18  “Where is technology taking us?”, Greg Bohlin, Union Grove Venture Partners
  1/26/18 “2018 State of the Economy & Outlook” Dr. Mine Yucel, Federal Reserve Bank and Dr. Robert Dye, Comerica Bank
  2/13/18 EXTRA “Global Private Natural Resources” Sean Goodrich, Aether Investment Partners
  3/20/18 “The Hidden Cost of Indexing”, Wei Dai, PhD, Dimensional Fund Advisors
  4/17/18 “An Alternate Twist to Traditional Beta”, Sean Heron, Glenmede Investment Mgt
  6/19/18 “Risks and Opportunities in the Global Fixed Income market”, Bill Adams, CIO at MFS Investment Management
  7/17/18 “Fixed Income Market Update & Trends in Institutional ETF Usage”, Evan Teiger, BlackRock
 9/18/18 “Trends in Commercial and Industrial Real estate lending across the US” Derek Jenkin, Romspen Investment Company
10/16/18 Passive vs. Active Investing… 2 years later”, Scott Gates, CIO, Friess Associates
11/14/18 the 2018 Summit, 24th Annual National Pension & Institutional Investment Summit
12/18/18 “Investing in Volatile Markets”, Wes Crill, Dimensional Fund Advisors

2017 Meetings:

1/17/17 “Transition Management today” David P. Choate, SVP, Capital Institutional Services (CAPIS)
  1/27/17 “2017 State of the Economy & Outlook” Robert Dye and Mine Yucel  (Special Meeting at the Fed)
  3/21/17 “Real Estate Update” Austin Kahn, CIO, Ethika Investments
  4/18/17 “Improving Portfolio Performance amidst Today’s Market and Issues”, Dory Wiley, Commerce Street Capital
  6/20/17 “Inflation: The Forgotten Investment Risk”, Michael Simon and Robert Holt, Holt Capital Partners, L.P.
  7/18/17 “Pension Management and Asset Allocation Outlook”, John O’Callaghan, Fidelity Investments
  9/19/17 “Evolution of Risk Management”, Josh Howard, Director of Investment Risk, RBC Global Asset Management
10/17/17 “Global & US Earnings Outlook: What to expect going forward”, Bill Ketterer and Kenneth Wallace, Smith Group
11/13-14 the 2017 Summit at the Marriott Las Colinas, 23rd Annual National Pension & Institutional Investment Summit
12/19/17 “ESG – Passing Fad or a Legitimate Investing Tool?”, Dan Nielsen, Great Lakes Advisors, LLC

2016 Meetings:

 1/19/16 “Portfolio Management: manager selection, due diligence, and transitions.”, Michael Paolucci, Mercer
  1/29/16 “2016 State of the Economy & Outlook” Robert Dye and Mine Yucel  (Special Meeting at the Fed)
  3/15/16 “Illiquid Lunch?”, Linh Pham, BlackRock
  4/19/16 “US Late Cycle Indicators Rising…Is Inflation Next?”, Austin Litvak, Senior Analyst, Fidelity Investments
  6/21/16 “Benefitting from Opportunities in US Middle Market Senior Lending”, Shai Vichness, TIAA
  7/19/16 “The State of Venture Capital”, Peter Denious, Head of Global Venture Capital, Aberdeen Asset Management
  9/20/16 “Undiscovered Managers”, Sam Austin, FIS Group, Inc.
10/18/16 “Case for Active Management in a Transformational World”, Scott Gates, CIO, Friess Associates
10/31-11/1 the 2016 Summit at the Marriott Las Colinas, 22nd Annual National Pension & Institutional Investment Summit
12/20/16 “Trends in Analyzing Multi Asset Class Investing”, Josh Smith, Co-Founder and CEO, Solovis, LLC

2015 Meetings:

1/09/15 “2015 State of the US Economy and Outlook”, Robert Dye and Mine Yucel  (Special Meeting at the Fed)
  1/20/15 “Shale Revolution and the American industrial Renaissance” Libby Toudouze, President, Cushing Asset Management
  3/17/15 “Hidden Risks and Opportunities for Long-Term Investors” John Keshner, Managing Director, Multi-Manager Solutions Northern Trust
  4/21/15 “Emerging Markets” Tim Devlin, JP Morgan
  6/16/15 “Currency in international investing and how institutional investors are approaching it” Gary Klopfenstein, Berenberg Asset Management
  7/21/15 “Economic and Market Review: Time to Put This Bull Out to Pasture?” Bryan Sullivan & Francesca Smitherman, Regions Investment Mgt
  9/15/15 “Global Real Assets” Bernie McNamara, JP Morgan
10/20/15 “DC Perspectives” Paula Smith, Head of DC Investments at Voya
11/16-17 the 2015 Summit at the Marriott Las Colinas, 21st Annual National Pension & Institutional Investment Summit
12/15/15 “Liquidity and evolution of the Bond Market” David LaRusso, Dimensional Fund Advisors

2014 Meetings:

1/17/14 “2014 State of the US Economy and Outlook”, Robert Dye and Mine Yucel  (Special Meeting at the Fed)
  1/21/14 “Regulatory and Legislative update for Retirement Plans” Drew Carrington, Franklin Tempelton
  3/18/14 “Is this another market bubble?” – Robert Almeida, MFS
  4/15/14 “Is the Run on Bank Loans Over, and Will We See a Repeat of 2008/2009?” John Bailey, AEGON USA
  6/17/14 “Time for Venture Capital?” – Greg Bohlen, Morgan Creek Capital
  7/15/14 “The trend toward physician owned hospitals and what that means to the investment community”, Todd Furniss, glendonTodd Capital LLC
  9/16/14 “Strategic Beta” – Ellen Blix and Linh Pham, BlackRock
10/21/14 “Approach to Alternative Investments” – Kevin Lion, Aberdeen
11/10-11 the 2014 Summit at the Dallas Marriott Las Colinas, 20th Annual National Pension & Institutional Investment Summit
12/16/14 “Impact of increasingly complex portfolios on institutional investors”, Steve Benjamin, Pyramis Global