DFW Institutional Investment FORUM

Renamed in 2018 from the Dallas Chapter of the Society of Pension Professionals

Contact: John E. Thompson, Jr., President – 214-327-0068

Due to COVID19, Meetings are VIRTUAL through mid-2021.
Previously meetings were held at the Park City Club (5956 Sherry Lane, 1700)
Virtual from 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM, Speaker 12:00 to 12:45 PM
Happy Hour 4PM to 5PM

2021 Scheduled Meetings:

  1/15/21 SPECIAL VIRTUAL MEETING “2021 US & Texas Economic Outlook” Dr. Robert Dye (Comerica Bank) and Dr. Pia Orrenius (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)
“How Digital Transformation is creating New Investment Opportunities in Small Cap”, Troy Renauld and Rob Forker, Polen Capital
  3/16/21 VIRTUAL Panel Discussion “Ensemble approach to Security Selection” roundtable with John Shanklin, Lee Schneider, and James Francis
  4/20/21 VIRTUAL Panel Discussion 
“Infrastructure Investing”, moderator Scott Freeman, LCG Assoc and panelists from Manulife and Macquarie
  6/15/21 VIRTUAL Panel discussion “Credit”. moderator Tim Bray, GuideStone and panelists from Maranon, Shenkman, and Benefit Street 
  7/20/21 VIRTUAL Panel discussion 
“High Yield” moderator TBA and panelists: Sonali Pier,PIMCO and Manuel Hayes, BNY Mellon
  9/21/21 MEETING “TBA”
10/19/21 MEETING “TBA”
11/___/21 2021 Summit, 27th Annual National Pension & Institutional Investment Summit
12/14/21 MEETING “Opportunities in Emerging Market Small Cap”, Robert Mullen, Victory Capital

2020 Meetings:

  1/17/20 2020 US & Texas Economic Outlook” Dr. Pia Orrenius, Federal Reserve Bank and Dr. Robert Dye, Comerica Bank
  1/21/20Growth Investing in the Age of Innovation”, Brian Foersterand Joe Graham, Investment Strategist, Lord Abbett
  3/04/20 “Non-Traditional Income
”, Nelly Xavier and Sam Weiss, Fiera Capital
  3/25/20 CANCELLED “In-depth review of the private markets in the industry”, Hamilton Lane
  4/21/20 CANCELLED 
Opportunities in International Small Cap”, Victory Capital Management, Inc.
  6/03/20 VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR “Discuss what you are doing differently with your assets”

  6/16/20 VIRTUAL MEETING “Financial Distancing” A behavioral exploration of potential investment process flaws, Fred Speece, Speece Thorson Capital Group
“Why Stick with Value Investing?”, Wes Crill, Dimensional Fund Advisors
“CAGE Match – VALUE vs. Growth” Mark Giambrone vs. Hollie Briggs with John Pickett as Referee
  9/15/20 VIRTUAL MEETING “Why Bank Loans/High Yield Bonds Make Sense in the Current Market Environment”, Nick Losey and Chet Paipanandiker, Barrow Hanley
10/08/20 VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR “Rethinking the Value Premium and Exploring Innovation”, Lord Abbett
“State of Global Fixed Income markets”, David Wilson, Nuveen
11/10/20 VIRTUAL the 2020 Summit has been postponed, 26th Annual National Pension & Institutional Investment Summit
12/03/20 VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR “Convertible Bond Update- Equity-Like Returns with Less Risk“, David Hulme and Karen Richardson, Advent Capital
12/15/20 VIRTUAL MEETING “Private equity investing”, Christopher Philips, Vanguard
12/17/20 VIRTUAL Holiday Gathering 
“Texas & DFW Economic outlook, with forecast contest”, Chris Slijk, Research Economist at the Dallas Federal Reserve

2019 Meetings:

  1/15/19 “The Compelling Case for Value”, Ryan Myers, Causeway Capital  (Revised)
“2019 State of the Economy & Outlook” Dr. Mine Yucel, Federal Reserve Bank and Dr. Robert Dye, Comerica Bank
“ESG for Skeptics – Can ESG Factors Really Benefit Your Portfolio?”, Dan Nielsen, Great Lakes Advisors
“Real Estate Betas and the Implications for Asset Allocation”, Shannon Morton and David Moore, Northern Trust
  6/18/19 “Rate, Curve & Credit Outlook, and Opportunities in the Current Markets”, Tim Paulson, Lord Abbett
“Institutional Crypto Investments”, Matt Hougan, Bitwise Asset Management
“Exploiting the Low Volatility Anomaly in Equity Markets” , Alex Pire, PM with Seeyond / Natixis
“Institutional Asset Allocation: Vital Changes Ahead”, Bryan Poston, Fidelity
11/5-6/19 the 2019 Summit, 25th Annual National Pension & Institutional Investment Summit
“Diving Deeper Into the EM Opportunity Set: Finding Fortune in the Forgotten”, Chuck Knudsen, T. Rowe Price

2018 Meetings:

  1/16/18  “Where is technology taking us?”, Greg Bohlin, Union Grove Venture Partners
  1/26/18 “2018 State of the Economy & Outlook” Dr. Mine Yucel, Federal Reserve Bank and Dr. Robert Dye, Comerica Bank
  2/13/18 EXTRA “Global Private Natural Resources” Sean Goodrich, Aether Investment Partners
  3/20/18 “The Hidden Cost of Indexing”, Wei Dai, PhD, Dimensional Fund Advisors
  4/17/18 “An Alternate Twist to Traditional Beta”, Sean Heron, Glenmede Investment Mgt
  6/19/18 “Risks and Opportunities in the Global Fixed Income market”, Bill Adams, CIO at MFS Investment Management
  7/17/18 “Fixed Income Market Update & Trends in Institutional ETF Usage”, Evan Teiger, BlackRock
 9/18/18 “Trends in Commercial and Industrial Real estate lending across the US” Derek Jenkin, Romspen Investment Company
10/16/18 Passive vs. Active Investing… 2 years later”, Scott Gates, CIO, Friess Associates
11/14/18 the 2018 Summit, 24th Annual National Pension & Institutional Investment Summit
12/18/18 “Investing in Volatile Markets”, Wes Crill, Dimensional Fund Advisors

2017 Meetings:

  1/17/17 “Transition Management today” David P. Choate, SVP, Capital Institutional Services (CAPIS)
  1/27/17 “2017 State of the Economy & Outlook” Robert Dye and Mine Yucel  (Special Meeting at the Fed)
  3/21/17 “Real Estate Update” Austin Kahn, CIO, Ethika Investments
  4/18/17 “Improving Portfolio Performance amidst Today’s Market and Issues”, Dory Wiley, Commerce Street Capital
  6/20/17 “Inflation: The Forgotten Investment Risk”, Michael Simon and Robert Holt, Holt Capital Partners, L.P.
  7/18/17 “Pension Management and Asset Allocation Outlook”, John O’Callaghan, Fidelity Investments
  9/19/17 “Evolution of Risk Management”, Josh Howard, Director of Investment Risk, RBC Global Asset Management
10/17/17 “Global & US Earnings Outlook: What to expect going forward”, Bill Ketterer and Kenneth Wallace, Smith Group
11/13-14 the 2017 Summit at the Marriott Las Colinas, 23rd Annual National Pension & Institutional Investment Summit
12/19/17 “ESG – Passing Fad or a Legitimate Investing Tool?”, Dan Nielsen, Great Lakes Advisors, LLC

2016 Meetings:

  1/19/16 “Portfolio Management: manager selection, due diligence, and transitions.”, Michael Paolucci, Mercer
  1/29/16 “2016 State of the Economy & Outlook” Robert Dye and Mine Yucel  (Special Meeting at the Fed)
  3/15/16 “Illiquid Lunch?”, Linh Pham, BlackRock
  4/19/16 “US Late Cycle Indicators Rising…Is Inflation Next?”, Austin Litvak, Senior Analyst, Fidelity Investments
  6/21/16 “Benefitting from Opportunities in US Middle Market Senior Lending”, Shai Vichness, TIAA
  7/19/16 “The State of Venture Capital”, Peter Denious, Head of Global Venture Capital, Aberdeen Asset Management
  9/20/16 “Undiscovered Managers”, Sam Austin, FIS Group, Inc.
10/18/16 “Case for Active Management in a Transformational World”, Scott Gates, CIO, Friess Associates
10/31-11/1 the 2016 Summit at the Marriott Las Colinas, 22nd Annual National Pension & Institutional Investment Summit
12/20/16 “Trends in Analyzing Multi Asset Class Investing”, Josh Smith, Co-Founder and CEO, Solovis, LLC

2015 Meetings:

  1/09/15 “2015 State of the US Economy and Outlook”, Robert Dye and Mine Yucel  (Special Meeting at the Fed)
  1/20/15 “Shale Revolution and the American industrial Renaissance” Libby Toudouze, President, Cushing Asset Management
  3/17/15 “Hidden Risks and Opportunities for Long-Term Investors” John Keshner, Managing Director, Multi-Manager Solutions Northern Trust
  4/21/15 “Emerging Markets” Tim Devlin, JP Morgan
  6/16/15 “Currency in international investing and how institutional investors are approaching it” Gary Klopfenstein, Berenberg Asset Management
  7/21/15 “Economic and Market Review: Time to Put This Bull Out to Pasture?” Bryan Sullivan & Francesca Smitherman, Regions Investment Mgt
  9/15/15 “Global Real Assets” Bernie McNamara, JP Morgan
10/20/15 “DC Perspectives” Paula Smith, Head of DC Investments at Voya
11/16-17 the 2015 Summit at the Marriott Las Colinas, 21st Annual National Pension & Institutional Investment Summit
12/15/15 “Liquidity and evolution of the Bond Market” David LaRusso, Dimensional Fund Advisors

2014 Meetings:

  1/17/14 “2014 State of the US Economy and Outlook”, Robert Dye and Mine Yucel  (Special Meeting at the Fed)
  1/21/14 “Regulatory and Legislative update for Retirement Plans” Drew Carrington, Franklin Tempelton
  3/18/14 “Is this another market bubble?” – Robert Almeida, MFS
  4/15/14 “Is the Run on Bank Loans Over, and Will We See a Repeat of 2008/2009?” John Bailey, AEGON USA
  6/17/14 “Time for Venture Capital?” – Greg Bohlen, Morgan Creek Capital
  7/15/14 “The trend toward physician owned hospitals and what that means to the investment community”, Todd Furniss, glendonTodd Capital LLC
  9/16/14 “Strategic Beta” – Ellen Blix and Linh Pham, BlackRock
10/21/14 “Approach to Alternative Investments” – Kevin Lion, Aberdeen
11/10-11 the 2014 Summit at the Dallas Marriott Las Colinas, 20th Annual National Pension & Institutional Investment Summit
12/16/14 “Impact of increasingly complex portfolios on institutional investors”, Steve Benjamin, Pyramis Global